About Us

Founded in 1996, Daymark Solutions began as a provider of digital photo ID badging systems and plastic card print systems serving the Central Midwest. Over the years, Daymark has expanded its portfolio to include other thermal marking technologies, print-on-paper goods, print fulfillment solutions, and equipment service.

Daymark Solutions helps clients across a wide range of sectors meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing world as a provider of technology and service solutions that bring value through cost savings, streamlining business processes, and by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge our sales and technical professionals bring to each solution

While we represent industry-leading vendors, our primary focus is client satisfaction. Every solution we endeavor to furnish starts by making sure we thoroughly understand each client’s needs. We then share our expertise and objectively discuss options that help guide the client through the decision making process. Working together, we arrive at a solution that best aligns with needs and resources.

Our results-oriented approach to each project includes applying the appropriate resources with an attention to detail and the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to new factors. We understand that our success is tied directly to our clients’ success—from transactional sales to partnerships that help meet client’s ongoing needs.