Software Updates

Instant ID / formerly TruCredential

Entrust™ Instant ID software (formerly TruCredential) is a solution for creating, issuing, and managing secure ID cards and credentials, allowing organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements — from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials.

Try Instant ID v8.8 Evaluation Version

All downloads are hosted on our Google Drive.

Software upgrade path

If you are on an older version of the software there is a specific path that updates are required to be installed. Links to select previous versions are below.

Instant ID Version 8.6

Instant ID Version 8.5

Instant ID Version 8.2

TruCredential Version 7.9
Version 7.9 is the minimum version required for exports compatible with later versions.

Older Software

If you need older versions so that you can get current, they are available but not posted. Please email support for more information. Please note that there were significant changes made in some processes in the older software and you may be required to reconfigure those processes upon upgrade.